Friday, July 11, 2014

Hickory Dickory Dock!

Last Sunday Rita was getting ready for bed! It was about 10:30 at night! She is slowly inching towards the dreaded age of 30 and so she has made a personal vow of getting into a skin care routine..
She never cared growing up but age is finally catching up and photoshop (if you are a regular user like her) can only take you so far. Hence the attempt to make her skin look FLAWLESS!!
She was half way through her routine, when she suddenly heard a rustling noise! Chill ran down her spine.. was there someone in her apartment? And there was some movement.. armed with her moisturizer bottle and some cotton she slowly started following the noise.. what could it be?

 She kept telling herself.. she is brave, she is empowered and she can face anything in this world.. she wasn't quite sure where the hell she was getting all this confidence.. oh that's right her phone was right in her pyjama pocket- just a quick call to 911 would have multiple modern day knights in matte armour and helmets come over and save this damsel in distress.

The noise was coming from the pantry.. she switched on the light and she saw this was something much bigger than a thief or robber it was a mouse!!!

And the mouse kept running back and forth.... She had no idea what to do.. She was so petrified that even her flight or fight response didn't kick in. She stood there dumb founded for what felt like hours... she slowly stepped back while still keeping her eyes on the mouse.

She read somewhere that when dealing with bears you are supposed keep eye contact and step back so that they don't attack you.. or see you as a threat
Yeah bear and mice are not the same .. but Rita's brain told her that some how they are genetically linked.. DNA.. Genetics .. This is EXACTLY why she studied Neuroscience..
four years and  more than $20,000 tuition fees was finally paying off

So bear and rat and somehow .... distant cousin or some thing and so obviously this was the best course of action... Oh she felt so smart.!!. this is called application.. Mom and dad would be so proud to see their investment in Rita's education finally being fruitful.

She backed up quite a bit, hit the wall and did what any rational and logical person would do.. she grabbed her passport and her expensive face cream and left home!

Next day Rita narrated, the night before's incident to her friends expecting them to be astonished by her courage, application of science and technology in real life and her ability to think on her feet ... instead they broke out into fits of hysterical laughter..Umm, whatever!
One friend even said..  you know they have mice in other countries as well.. so your passport wouldn't have helped you that much What??
The only reason Rita took her passport was because.. umm. for some very important reason.. that she didn't want to discuss... Whatever! People have no appreciation for intelligence these days!

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