Monday, November 10, 2014

Dawat- E- Ishq

It’s a Sunday afternoon and it is snowing A LOT! If I glance outside of the window of my living room it looks like I have suddenly been transported to "Hundi" - remember how Gupi Bagha went there by mistake. I can't see any other colour than white.. but you know what? I'm happy.  

"Tu Meri Mannat" from Dawat- E- Ishq has been playing on repeat on my laptop! My better half keeps offering me a headphone.. apparently 20 times on repeat is enough for him.. but I can listen to it for a few 100 more times. It's just not the song, it is how the combination of the song and the video made me feel is what I try to capture and recapture. He just doesn't get it!! Check it out at the link below:

So as you can tell, I watched Dawat- E - Ishq this weekend and I can't wait to tell you all about it.

I just can't get over the songs.. it is romantic and magical and it transports me to a different world. Kudos to Jatin - Lalit. It show cases Lucknow, the food, the simple people.. above all the character of Tariq - his simplicity, his capacity to love,  his ability to win people over really stand out.

It is a love story - what a surprise! Right? But this one of those films that you are not going to judge every second and think "really! ?" in your head . You are not going to try to be logical.

The story is fresh. Yes there is still your hero, heroine, dancing around the Lucknow( it is Bollywood after all) but the villain is the age old traditions and customs and not the father of the daughter or some goon in the village... which is very unique.

So, I have a habit of watching a movie and then if I like an actor or a character they played, I youtube their interviews that they gave to promote their movie. Why? Just to see how much are they like their character in real life. Do they speak differently than the character? And generally I always see a pattern and in my head I picture - okay this what the person is like in real life and blah blah.. if you are a fan of Friends, you might notice Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston talks the same way in real life like they did in Friends... Okay you get my point right?

But Aditya Roy Kapoor.... totally did not fit this mould.. I loved his character . However, in the interviews he seemed to be a completely different person. So he is either a fantastic actor or the director is fantastic.. I can't tell.. and he must have lost a bunch of weight right after the movie, because I kept looking at the movie promotion stills and the songs and he looks very very different!! Check out this photo of Parineeti Chopra and Aditya Roy Kapoor promoting this movie! Crazy right??

Okay here check out another still froma pormotional event :
Seriously is this the same guy? Did he stop eating after coming back from Lucknow?? Why?? Someone please tell him he doesn't need to be this skinny! 

Parineeti Chopra is kinda of the same on and off screen. She has that " laraku" personality that comes out in the movie.. or may be she just chooses to do roles that are like a "phataka" - in any case I like her. She looks real to me. She is not like one of those fake unattainable girls that we see on Bollywood movies.

Anyway.. I really liked the movie actually. My expectations were pretty low when I started watching it and was amazed! only complaint - I wish there was more Aditya Roy Kapoor in the movie, he doesn't come on until 40 minutes into the movie... Dislike!!

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