Tuesday, February 17, 2015

AparajitaTumi - (Undefeated You)

Movie poster from the Internet

This movie's target audience was NOT me. But some people liked it enough to give it a 6.2 rating on IMDB? Why????

After I checked IMDB rating!
May be they genuinely liked it or maybe they are sadist bastards who wanted me to go through what they went through..UGHH!!!

This is a story about rich bastards who have achieved pretty much everything you can dream of.

Then one fine morning the protagonist (Proshenjit) thought screw this.... life is just too great let's screw it up..  let me have an affair with my friends' wife.
Then it turns out he has brain tumour and then all is magically fixed in his life.

Take home message from this movie is twofold:

1. Please have affairs- as long as you have a terminal-ish illness in the end all will be forgiven.
1a) or is because he had brain tumour he lost his sense of reasoning? Now that is the question.. told you the movie is tooooo deep for me to understand.

2. Mistresses -  If you left everything you had in your life to be with this married guy and then you find out he is really boring and is almost dying - all hope is not lost! His ex- wife will come and take care of him! You can be on your way to greener pastures. You will not be stuck with him.

But man was the movie SLOWWWWW...

if it was me, I would have fast forwarded it and watched the entire movie in 20 minutes ..

But it was family day and my I was watching it with my family. My dad never lets me forward anything, ever !! No not even songs... Because he is very positive person and even when we have given up, he has this hope that it might get better!

In this case it did not get better.

I think, hey focused so hard in capturing the whole bengali NRI sentiment they forgot that the movie needed a story line..

So this is probably what happened before they handed in their script:

Script writer 1: It's been a year we have been researching Bengali NRIs. I forget, were we supposed to do something else here?

Script writer 2: Umm, no I don't think so. I'm pretty sure we supposed to eat, drink and be merry

Directer calls and he is on speaker :

Director : Hey how is that script coming along?

Script writer 1: Script??.. ( "what script?" whispers to his colleague")

SW 2: Great sir, great! (motions his colleague to shut up)

D: Do you think you will be done by Monday? It has been some time and I have already paid for the shooting locations.

SW 2: Sure sir, that is more than enough time to put some finishing touches.. you don 't even worry. in fact it will be done way, way way before that.

D: SW2, today is Friday night..  how can it be done way way earlier? Just call me when you two morons are done writing it.

D hangs up

SW1 & 2: SHIT..... what do we do now??

And that's how Aparajito tumi was created!

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