Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bolo na Tumi Amar

Yeah, we are cool, deal with it!!

Gotta love commercial Bengali movies!! This is a rom-com from Dev's early days (2010) in the industry when he wasn't a big shot yet and he definitely wasn't ruling some obscure district in Midnapore (umm, born and raised in Kolkata, so in our make believe world, we are the centre of the universe, duhhh!!).

So yeah, did I watch the movie in its entirety? Hell yeah!

Did I make snarky comments throughout the movie!? Absolutely.

Was I predicting it scene by scene and still sitting their being entertained? You got that right. 

I actually loved how predictable it was. I just needed one of those shut off your brains and just go with  the flow kinda movies, you know the type that rake in the cash.. but my poor brain would wake up at times and be like ... but umm.. that's makes zero sense.. For example, Koyel managed to call off her wedding with groom of her dad's choice, Tota. And, the dad, Sabyasachi explained how his "honor" / status in society is going to get affected if her daughter  doesn't get married on the date that was set previously. So, solution? Find someone random and get daughter married anyway. gWHAT?? I took me a while to coax my brain back to sleep.

He could have said I have already put down deposits on the venue and caterer and it is non refundable, so yeah, you have to get married.. but no, I guess that would be too logical.

Another thing, Eevery time I see Sabyasachi in a irrational father's role in a commercial film, a part of me dies.. Why?? Why?? God why? This is our sharp Feluda? I think the Bengali community should come together and raise money so that actors like Sabyasachi don't have to do roles such as these. Some might argue, well he is just showcasing his versatility - no he is not! This is equivalent to Irfan Khan taking a dad's role in a Bollywood commercial film in 15 yrs from now... yes, I feel that strongly about it.

So what did I like?

- The Bollywood like packaging.  You have to sell something, so why not a modern Bollywood packaging?
- The styling of Dev and Koyel - very modern. Not relatable, I mean show me one, just one pizza delviery guy that dresses that stylishly in Kolkata,
- The songs. Jeet Ganguly's songs lyrics are always a bit too much - " Ei gambat chol dur hath", Pulak Bandhopadhay is probably rolling his grave hearing this, but the tunes are pretty catchy. Plus I guess this is the language of contemporary youth. I'm sure people talk amongst themselves like this - I guess no one cares about politeness anymore.

Am I a film critic? Nope, I'm just passionate cinema lover with lots of opinions!!

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