Thursday, May 15, 2014

9 things I learnt from Shah Rukh Khan :

1. Identify what people might thing is off about your upcoming film.

(Example : Romancing a 20 year younger actress and pretending to be same age as her)

2. Then be sure you address it in a humourous way, before anyone else can on national television.

3. Throw in a hint of arrogance and conceitedness here and there in your interviews. Adds to the whole glamour quotient.
(Example: In a documentary on yourself show a footage where you are telling someone that no one has achieved as much success as you in last 20 years in Bollywood... or casually mention the books written on you).

4. In the next scene in the same documentary tell people how success has humbled you!

5. Say really deep things once in a while like : "I always leave a part of me in the movies I make. So one day I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and have nothing left to offer."

6. Then within a few days of sharing such depth -   make a movie like Chennai Express!!

When media asks what was the point of this movie? Just cooly reply, "Entertainment. I'm here to make people happy and smile"

Don't you dare ask questions like - who are these people you are referring to? He might just point you at the box office success and you might feel like a fool.

7. If International media is asking this same question, change your answer a bit and say :

" In third world countries like ours (Yes, remind people- in case they forgot) , our dreams are much smaller, which is why we are not making movies where we are saving the earth from  meteors yet! Having a home, a job and settling down are dreams many of us are chasing. So the movie is a larger than life experience for those people."

8. If they ask you further, why Bollywood movies are mostly musicals answer like this:

First update the interviewer on how, it is slowly fading away.

But then, refer back to your previous answer and then say stuff like how in our culture there is at least one person in the every family who can sing , how it is such a an integral part of out culture.. or say you are selling easy escapes to lower middle class people in a much much nicer way!

(Really?!!? Yes, don't you remember dancing and singing randomly for you crush in college?

9. Work hard and say I love you to everyone you meet.

He is a self made man and he worked hard to get there no doubt about that. But it is very interesting to see how people of his stature handle questions from the media and I thought I share my observation. Well he himself said, " Love me or hate me but you can't ignore me! " - Right you are SRK!

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