Monday, April 28, 2014

Parambrata's Lorai

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1. Lorai
Why am I excited?
It is a directional venture by Parambrata.. Isn't that enough ? Okay.. just in case you didn't notice from my previous posts he is my absolute favorite and I adore him. My objectivity gets a bit clouded when I see Parambrata's name involved with any project. I'm his " Andho Bhokto". 

On a more serious note though, it stars  heavy weights like Proshenjit aka our famous " Bumbada", Khwaraj Mukherjee & Payel Sarkar. Side note: Why do everyone who wants other to perceive them as part of the Bengali film fraternity use nicknames of famous actors? May be it is just our culture!
My observation from the recent Bengali movies is that, " Bumbada" (Yeah, I'm pretending we are really tight) doesn't just act in any random movie. Over the years he has become very choosy, and only acts in movies that are different, that are fresh. Actually even he, himself in one of his interviews, said (don't remember which one - reference police, go a bit easy on me) that Bengali movies were never created for heroes that were above a certain age and he was determined to challenge the status quo.  Which is why he took on  projects like Mishor Rohoshyo, Jwatiswar. He is conscious of the brand " Proshenjit" and wants to steer it in the right direction. Very SRK of him, I must say, on the whole brand thing! 
But I'm so glad he doesn't choose to be college going Romeo pining for Juliet who is half his age. Although I should add that he could give any 51 year old Bengali man a run for their money. Any Day! He looks younger every year! If I look half as good as him when I'm 51, I'll consider myself extremely lucky!

Anyway, I am deviating from the movie Lorai.
The movie also stars :
Kanchan Mallick, Apurba, Biswajit Chakraborty and Dipankar De. This movie is about a successful Anglo- Indian football player, Sebastian Paes. He unfortunately  had to call it quits prematurely due to an almost debilitating injury.  Sebastian coaches the kids in the local neighborhood and is obviously frustrated about how his carrier and life turned out. The frustrations also seep into his personal life and he becomes estraged from his family. He decides to leave the country hoping for a fresh start, but then one day he bags a new assignment of coaching a rural football team which is a turning point in Sebastian's life...
Proshenjit in an interview says that aparently there are a lots of twists and turn and that  "with Param at the helm of affairs, it will be a treat for the audience".
Are you excited it? I sure am! I know both Proshenjit and Parambrata could take a breather after "Jatiswar" and "Apur Panchali" respectively.. but I can't wait!
I couldn't really find a poster of this movie, so I'm posting a picture from the shooting and press conferences that I found on the internet.

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