Friday, April 18, 2014

Today is finally my some day!

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Okay folks!

Here is my "this is my someday"  take 2! First of all I should start with a disclaimer : I did not come up with the name Maach Mishti and more! It is a Bengali film I watched some time ago and really liked.  I also thought that this really "fits" with what I want to write about. I'm a bangali girl ( don't like "bengali" or the term "bong", but I don't know how else to write bangali there is no "chondro bindoo" in English unfortunately.) who wants to talk about Mach( fish) , Mishti ( sweets) and more.

So what exactly is this blog going to be about?

 Here I'm going to talk about the movies I like watching and will give you my my thought about the movies I have watched. Yes I'm no movie expert and people in the film industry hate critiques, but hey.. I'm an ordinary girl, part of the audience and I'm simply telling you if I like it or not. If you don't agree with my thoughts, I'm okay with it and I will agree to disagree.  So I like Bangla movies - Kolkata ones. I haven't seen any amazing Bangladeshi movies yet, but I am open to it. I especially like the movies that are modern and not a musical that have actors that suddenly turn into politians and compare being in politics with being raped!

I am a huge fan of Parambrata Chatterjee. Why? His natural acting and his very South Calcutta thing he has going on. I can't really describe it. But no matter what he is portraying I can relate to it. I think if I ever meet him, I will have no issues striking up a conversation and start addressing each other as "tui" and I just know we will have a lot to talk about.. starting from phuchka to Shinghi Park er pujo to Patho Bhavan vs. South Point. So I try to watch every movie he is in :) .

I like Hindi movies too. I am a big fan of the actor Amir Khan and the superstar/businessman Shah Rukh Khan. I love analyzing his marketing his shrewd business and marketing strategies and I respect him for that. His movies, I'm sorry to say don't appeal to me any more.

My guilty pleasure is watching Karan Johar's Koffe with Karan and Zoom- isko dekho. Are they pointless? Yes, absolutely! But do I spend hours watching and analyzing it? Yes absolutely! I love it but feel guilty admitting to people that I do it! I sometimes feel like I am getting to see the real person, through how someone answers a question in an interview - although everything is probably is scripted. But I like to think that - don't take it away from me :P

 I will talk about food. I'm Vegan, by the way. Bangali Vegan sounds like an oxymoron, I know. But there are still a lot of food that is Bangali but Vegan ( think Jhalmuri, luchi alur dom, muri less muri ghonto.. my ma swears you can make it, lau diye dal, posto... just to name a few).

So, I'm starting this journey today, let's see where I go with it! I'm sure it will be a fun one!


  1. Best wishes for your journey. Be yourself. Pour your mind.

    1. Thanks a lot Anirban for your wishes and for visiting my blog!