Monday, April 21, 2014

Ashchorjyo Prodeep- My thoughts ( Spoiler alert)

Yes, I'm a bit behind, I agree. This film was released 5 months ago, but I just watched it and wanted to talk about it.  Probably didn't need to put the spoiler but just in case any one of you haven't already watched it already.

So, a film by Anik Dutta! I was obviously thrilled to watch it. I watched the tailors on you tube and couldn't wait to sit down on a lazy weekend afternoon with a bowl of pop corn to be mesmerized.

We started watching it, it started off, excellent. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves but then suddenly the movie started to go off in a different direction. I understand the whole concept of reaching a high point and then crashing, but it could have crashed a different way.

My bone of contention is this.. did the wife have to be the high class escort? Aren't we going back 20 years here in cinema and society?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying women don't choose these occupations, any more. But I'm saying, are you trying to tell us that women can not find anything else to do to support her family other than being an escort! She couldn't have been the agent or the owner of this business?  Even that would have showed her in a little bit of a different light.

Had she been the agent, it would have been a little less dramatic, agreed. But it could have been done. I think it maybe works for the movie, but it definitely doesn't work for the message that is going out . Granted, this was supposed to fun movie, but I can't help but ask myself what was the point of this movie, every time I watch movies that are made by intelligent story tellers like Anik Dutta and has such talented cast!

Another thing - you know how the Genie tells the protagonist that he can bring him everything material but nothing abstract such as love, sneh, momota and all - Great point - but it was too blatant! And could have been left for the audience to figure out.

I felt like the movie started great, with full "enthu" and then they either ran out of time, or money or whoever was in charge said "wrap it up, NOW" and they scrambled to make the deadline!

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