Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Koyel's new movie

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So this is a Bengali adaptation of the Telegu Movie, with the same title. Although I haven't watched the Telegu movie, internet tells me that it was a big hit and was dubbed in a various other languages and released around the same time. This is a story about a warrior queen Arundhuti who is reincarnated as a Mishti in her next life. 

Koyel Mallick plays the protagonist in this movie. It has been directed by Sujit Mondal.
Koyel says " Playing these larger-than-life characters isn't easy, specially because I have never done it. I needed to first believe in the subject. I believe in reincarnation and life after death. After saying yes, I had to really work very hard on getting Arundhati's body language right."
I think she got a the body language right for sure, check out the poster, she looks intense!

 I checked out the trailer as well which was released on her birthday, actually! And sure looks big budget to me with all the special effects. However, at the same time the uber special effects made me a bit skeptic. Is this movie wgoing to be over dramatic?
Naysayers are taunting. They are comparing the action sequences in the trailer to that of Rajnikanth movies. In fact they are saying, it might put Rajnikanth's action sequences to shame, sarcastically.
I say, let's not judge a book by it's cover. It is somewhat rare ( although we just had Swastika starring Take one)  that we see movies being made around a female protagonists. It is almost like it is separate genre. Actually Netflix recommends movies for me and calls them " Movies with Female in a Strong Lead role". Yet they never suggest movies with " Men in a strong Lead role". Jesus even Netflix is sexist! 

Anyway my point being, movies that celebrate women empowerment, and that is designed to be a commercial success and who target the masses and not just the connoisseurs are refreshing and always welcome!! Koyel - you go gurl! Rock Arundhuti.

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